KO Gardens Nutrition Testimonials

(Testimonials Collected from 2019-Present)


“I bought the SleepAssist for my husband with severe sleep issues. We started to think he was bipolar because of his actions but once he started on SleepAssist he was able to get very deep sleep and it has changed his personality back to the man I love and adore. What a great product!”

N. Gregory

“I’ve been on very high dose of a strong drug to help me sleep and still would only sleep maybe 4 to 5 hours max. With the drugs I know I’m not getting healing sleep, but at least keeps me sane. Once I started on SleepAssist, my sleep went to around 8 hours and I’ve been weaning off the drugs and still sleeping great. Soon I will be completely off the drugs, thank goodness!”

L. Morgan


“I started this for maintenance, because I knew I had some significant viral and fungal issues in the past. Wasn’t sure what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised when a nagging pain I had in my side went away, and my energy level skyrocketed! Great results! I plan to take OnGuard as recommended every quarter for maintaining this great new feeling!”

Michael J.

“My whole family came down with a real bad respiratory viral, bacterial condition that had been going on in our community and for 24 hours I was in bed, then started on OnGuard. Within 12 hours, I felt amazing. I was over it. The rest of my family just got worse and worse compared to me. It was a super-fast recovery for me. Thanks!

Chris V.


“My husband has cystic fibrosis and has been using NuLung. In the short time he’s used it, he has noticed an improved difference in his lungs, breathing, and overall general wellbeing. We’re very excited and will keep using it!”

Cindy J.

“I was getting ready to go to pulmonologist for my adult onset asthma, because it’s so bad. I’d tried so many alternative remedies and other products – I was ready to give up. Then I learned about NuLung and decided to try it. It was very helpful! It’s an exceptionally good treatment for reactive airway disease. It took away the pain that had been waking me up every couple of hours every night. I’m no longer miserable anymore. Wonderful product!”

Janet S.


“I’m an avid runner and track coach and after using ReCharge, my overall performance was topnotch and lasted longer. It was great because I wasn’t so tired after a workout, and I had a great deal more energy.”

D. Arnold

“ReCharge gives me a natural, safe energy without the jittery side effects of caffeine or energy drinks. It gives me an overall feeling of having a great day!”

T. Boyd


"Since my son was little, he worried about things outside his control. In middle school, I saw his anxiety increase. The pressure of trying to find a place to do schoolwork caused him to become upset at the slightest change of routine or bump in his day.I was told about the InstaCalm Now and was desperate for anything that might help. We have been delighted with the results. I've given InstaCalm Now to my son as needed with remarkable results. He calms down within a few minutes and is able to think through his problems and not emotionally react to them! It is a Godsend for both of us."

Taylor S.

"I hold my stress in my back, which leads to severe back pain. Massage helps release the muscular tension and pain, but I can’t afford to get a massage very often. I've found that since I have started taking InstaCalm. Now I do not get the intense back pain that I use to get."

Paul W.

"I cannot believe that I can take InstaCalm now and relax during the day. It seems so simple, but it really is powerful. It is a very fast acting product and I love it."

Jennifer W.

“The pressure of daily life adds up. I have often felt like life cannot throw another curve ball my way. I have been drinking a little more than usual to help calm my nerves and check out. I am so grateful for the InstaCalm. It helps me relax and let my troubles go for an hour or two without the alcohol. Wow.”

Ted S.

"I have been really excited to use this product to help me at night to just chill and it has helped me go to sleep easier and faster. My husband used to reach for a drink but now he reaches for the InstaCalm to chill."

D. Parker

"After trying what I thought was everything to help me sleep, I finally decided to take the drug Ambien for the last 18 months. I thought I would be drug dependent for the foreseeable future, until I heard about IntaCalm. I took it 30 minutes before I went to bed and when I laid down, I was able to fall asleep naturally! When I wake up in the night with my mind racing, I take one more dose and I am amazed that I'm able to fall right back asleep again. I know this is not a "sleep" product. But it has done wonders for me to calm my racing mind so I can sleep."

Valerie B.

"I occasionally take Instacalm about a half hour before bed.  Two or three sprays under the tongue helps calm obsessive thoughts.  Nano Particles for 100% absorption and Fast Action . Has a mild cherry-like flavor. And it is portable(stash in your purse) for anytime stress relief.  Convenient product."

Deb R. 8/2/23


My daughter loves to play soccer. Last week she took a nasty fall after being close lined during a game. Her knee was bruised, swollen and very painful to move. After x-rays, the doctor said that her knee had a bad sprain and it would take several weeks to heal. We started her on NuJoint immediately and did some lasering. To the amazement of her doctor, she was back on her feet playing soccer the next week. I have never seen a sprain heal so quickly.


“After taking NuJoint my popping shoulder and creaky knee stopped. To me, this is an indication that all my joints are getting stronger.”

John K

“I have suffered from ankle and knee pain and degeneration for some years now and I have taken many different supplements some which helped some and some that did nothing. Well I do not think I have ever used any product that works like this. I can bend down with my knees without pain anymore and no more aching ankles and seems life is just better since I went on the NuJoint. Great Product, I do not want to be without it!!

Jean M.

Medix4Life - Adult stem cell activators Testimonials

(All Testimonials Collected from 2019 - Present)

ADR Medix - Adrenal Support

"I was having a very hard time. I was sleeping 16 hours a day!! I could never get over it, I didn't know what else to do. Now that I've been on ADR I go to bed between 10 & 11:00 pm!! I'm so much more alert, can concentrate and pay attention better! I feel I've greatly benefited from these activators!! VERY HAPPY!!" -Kathleen C. on 12/13/2021

"Had been taking the ADR for approximately 2 months, when I noticed that I was sleeping completely through the night, felt calmer, and a slight improvement in energy. Very Pleased with such results. Thank you." -Denise W on 10/13/2020

"Now that I've been on ADR I have much more energy!! -R. Bishop on 06/12/2019

"Every time I had any stress I had throbbing pain all over!! Especially when I over did it. ADR took all the pain away!! I am so very thankful!!!" -Elizabeth W. on 06/12/2019

"After taking ADR it calmed me right down! I'm feeling better and less anxiety. I have a lot less moodiness and it is helping me sleep!!" -Ronnie M. on 06/12/2019

"I had high blood pressure for years. Since taking activator ADR it is normal now. Thank you, Joyce Ford." -Joyce Ford on 11/06/2019

BLD Medix - Blood & Cardiovascular Support

"My husband has chronic CMML leukemia. After only one bottle of ONC his white blood count jumped to 1100 points where he started at only 500!! Under 1000 is critical. His doctor was elated and told him to come back in 2 months. He was seeing him every two weeks!!!" -D. McClarty on 06/28/2022 03:53pm 

"Since I've been on BLD, my hemrhoids are so much better!! I don't want to run out!!" -Leslie L. on 12/15/2021

"My Dr. put me on Plavix for a skin disorder where I needed to wear long sleeves all the time. Now, after taking BLD I don't need to wear long sleeves anymore. Unbelievable!!" -B. Williams on 12/15/2021

"I'm very excited!! I have a rare blood cancer so I thought I would try the BLD. I've been taking the BLD for 6 weeks and my numbers are down!! I've been dizzy, which is one of the side effects, and now no more dizziness!" -Diana B. on 12/15/2021

"My legs were swelling really bad, I even tried 20 different antibiotics, nothing worked! I've only been on the BLD drops for one week and my legs aren't swelling as bad! Can't believe how good I feel!!" -Alessandro L. on 12/15/2021

"Update - Aortic Aneurism. My Mom went to the doctor on 3rd December, they did Doppler exam on her, and doctor said she can be operated on it in 3 years. Before any operation wasn't even an "option", so it has changed! We will stick to ONLY activators and let it shrink more and more and check on it from time to time!" -Ewa Harris on 12/08/2019

"I had large veins sticking out, even spider veins. My mother died of vein issues. Now after 1.5 months, veins are not sticking out and just has little veins. No more pain!! Sooo thrilled!!" -Nancy Cantrell on 11/06/2019

"My Mom was suffering from an aortic aneurysm in her stomach. It was 5 cm in March. We put her on the blood (BLD) and heart (HRT) activators. At her next sonogram appointment, in September, she found out her aneurysm shrunk 9 mm, now it is 4.1 cm. The activators work!" -Ewa Harris on 11/06/2019

"My Mom is suffering from aortic aneurism in her belly .It was 5 cms in march . We put her on blood and heart activators .She had appointment for her ultrasonogram scheduled on September 10th 2018 , so it was just over a week ago . Her aneurism shrank 9 mm , now it is 4.1 cms . It works." -Ewa Harris on 09/19/2019